Way to fit selected track to height?

Is there a way to fit currently selected track to height? Similar to what Ctrl+E does, but vertically? I know I can just manually drag it, but is there a quicker way?

Ctrl+Shift+F attempts to fit ALL tracks in the project to height.

Haven’t been able to find any option to do this in view/tracks/preferences/hotkeys/etc.

Using Audacity 3.2.5

Here is a macro to resize the selected tracks to a vertical height of 400px.
Unfortunately I the new forum software won’t let me post the .txt file, but it is only one line. You will need to use a “plain text editor” (for Windows, I recommend the free text editor NotePad++)


You can create a keyboard shortcut to the macro (See: Keyboard Preferences - Audacity Manual)

Update: The forum software now allows .txt files, so here’s the macro which can be imported into the Macro Editor.
Resize Track 400.txt (29 Bytes)

See here for how to import a macro: Manage Macros - Audacity Manual

Thank you! Works great after a bit of tweaking!

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