Waves Plugin


I installed Waves plugins in Audacity… they were installed without error messages and they appear as activated in the plugin management screen, however, when I use one, it does nothing, the plugin interface appears on the screen, but it is not acting on the song!?


VST3 plugins are not compatible with Audacity, (nor are VSTi).

https ://www .waves.com/support/tech-specs/supported-hosts

Hi, Trebor

But the Plugin says it is VST (not VST3), so VST doesn’t work either?.. VST and VST3 are the same thing?


VST3 is a new-different protocol.

Some (regular-old) VST plug-ins work in Audacity and some don’t. 32-bit and 64-bit plug-ins are not interchangeable so 64-bit plug-ins will NEVER work in 32-bit Audacity and and 32-bit plug-ins will NEVER work in 64-bit Audacity.

It’s up to the plug-in developer to make it work with a particular host (if they want it to).

If you check the above WAVES link you’ll see that Audacity is not officially supported. Sometimes a plug-in will work in a host that’s not officially supported but if it doesn’t “you can’t complain.” :wink:

Most commercial plug-ins don’t officially support Audacity. I assume this is because Audacity is free and most Audacity users probably won’t pay for plug-ns. With free plug-ins it’s usually hit-or-miss because the developer doesn’t have the time or budget to test & debug with every audio editor and DAW.

Hi DVDdoug

I understood what you said…
…but now the plugins are working in Audacity, I can’t tell if it was because of a reboot or because the Waves Plugins need to be reloaded to really work in Audacity right after installation?!.. what happens is now we’re all working, including the iZotope that I also added right after the Waves ones. Mystery!!!