Waves plugin causes crash since 3.3.2

Hi. I started using my Waves Clarity Vx plugin with Audacity as soon as they became compatible. All working OK. Very happy.

Yesterday, I updated to 3.3.2, and today to 3.3.3, and Clarity crashes Audacity as soon as I hit the Preview button. I can apply the plugin OK–it’s just the preview that’s the problem. All error info has been uploaded. EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_READ is the error message.

I’ve deleted my audacity.cfg file (which I’ve seen recommended in a previous topic), but it doesn’t seem to help.

Thanks for your good work, and hope you can help.

You could try deleting “audacity”, the .cfg’s parent folder (I usually just rename it).

So you can create a new issue to report this directly to the developers here: Issues · audacity/audacity · GitHub

See also: Audacity Crashes when Selecting a new Portion of Track and Previewing an Effect · Issue #4753 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Thanks jademan! It worked.

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