Waves plug in error message. PLEASE HELP!

Hi All,

I have installed the waves debreather it is on my plugin list in audacity but when I try to enable it this error message appears…

effect or command at ksVW/aufx/BRTM/Waves:
Debreath (m) failed to register:
Could not initialise component

Any ideas what I need to do to fix it, please?

Thank you!

Some VST plugins do not work in Audcaity.

Reportedly “Waves V9 Debreath” works in Audacity.

There can be 32-bit & 64-bit versions of plug-ins, usually only one type will work on a machine.

Recently the Mac version of Audacity became 64-bit,
so may be worth updating to that if the Waves plug-in is only available as 64-bit.