Waves DeBreath plugin error?

There’s some Failed to Register error coming up, while trying to add the Waves DeBreath plugin.

Tried with both 32bit and 64bit.
Appreciate any help!

Only some (older) types of VST plugin will work in Audacity, e.g. VST2.
VSTi & VST3 don’t work in Audacity.

Looks like Waves-brand plugins are VST3 …
looks like waves-brand plugins are VST3.png

Thanks Trebor,
So, buying that plugin for Audacity would be a waste.
Any other alternatives for DeBreath(ing) ?
Btw, there are good reviews for this Wave plugin. Any idea what other DAWs it works on?
Thanks, Raj.

Any idea what other DAWs it works on?

[u]Waves - List of supported hosts[/u]

There’s usually a list of officially supported hosts for commercial plug-ins. You rarely find official support for Audacity since most people won’t pay more for the plug-in thanthey pay for their DAW/audio editor.

With free plug-ins it’s hit-or-miss because the developer can’t afford to buy all of the DAWs/hosts for testing/debugging (and they probably don’t have the time or staff to do it either).


Audacity only accepts 32-bit plugins, (even if your computer is 64 bit).
So looks like Waves-brand plugins are not compatible with Audacity.

Thanks for the responses.
So, Any other alternatives / work arounds for DeBreath(ing) in/for Audacity ?