Waveforms with stereo

With Audacity 2.x, I have my settings for 2 stereo recording. One waveform (the top) is normal, yet the bottom waveform is flat. When you listen to the recording, it only comes through on one side of the headset.
How do I fix this?
I appreciate your help
William Turner

What’s the real Audacity number and what are you recording?

One waveform (the top) is normal

You can get something like that if you try recording something by plugging into the Mic-In of your laptop.

You need to tell us more about what you’re doing.


The Audacity number is 2.1.2
My mic is plugged into a Presonus audio box, then I have Symetrix, into a Dell desktop- with Microsoft Edge.
I hope that helps?
I appreciate your help getting this fixed.

My mic is plugged into a Presonus audio box

One microphone is mono by definition. If you record in stereo with one mic into one channel, the other channel will be silent. If you plug another mic into the other channel you’ll get sound in the other channel (stereo).

If you configure Windows and Audacity for mono you’ll get a single mono track and it will play through both speakers. (Or, you can convert your file with one silent channel to a regular mono file, or you can duplicate the sound into both channels.)

NOTE - If you record in mono from a 2-channel interface you might be limited to half-volume because it’s “leaving room” for the silent- unused input. (See the [u]Audacity FAQ[/u].)

Thank you very much
I’m set up for 2 mics
The second one is getting operational now- so I’m set up right
Take care