Waveform Too Big and Extremely Loud and Messy


I am currently running Windows 7 on a HP ProBook Laptop. I am running Audacity version 2.0.5 and working with a SHURE PG42 USB microphone inside a Porta Booth Pro with Auralex. I do Voice Overs and am in desperate need of a fix, ASAP.

Since switching computers to this new HP, the waveforms are massive and every tiny bit of room noise is being picked up and amplified. The waveforms are not clean at all. I have tried adjusting the input volume on the laptop and have also adjusted the microphone volume. Nothing is helping. On my previous laptop, I only experienced this problem when the internal laptop microphone was running, but it was corrected when this was disabled. I have disabled the internal mic on this new pc and it still isn’t functioning properly.

My previous pc was a Sony VAIO running windows 8.1, and Audacity worked perfectly. Ever since the switch I cannot work.

It isn’t an Audacity problem. It doesn’t manipulate the audio when recording.

Have you tried another USB port?

Have you enabled the “-15dB switchable attenuator” on the mic?

Have you done right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock, then choose “Recording Devices”. Right-click over the Shure then choose “Properties”. Then click the “Levels” tab and adjust the input slider and look for any other controls on the “Levels” or other tabs that may influence volume.

Have you tried “training” the USB microphone with these steps: http://artproaudio.com/support/faqs#windows7 ?

To be sure the internal microphone is disabled, try disconnecting the USB microphone then speak into the internal microphone.