Waveform to Oscilloscope

Hey guys:

I had a quick question about the development of my waveforms and then testing the readout on an oscilloscope.

I created a 50Hz waveform using Audacity. I then saved the waveform on SD card and applied that waveform to an AC generator. When I hooked up the oscilloscope to the generator, I recieved something far greater than 50Hz. Is this an error on my part?

Thank you,

Leon :ugeek:

Probably :wink:

What was this “AC Generator” thing?
How did you “save the waveform”? Audacity does not “Save” audio files, it Saves Audacity Projects. To create a normal audio file you need to “Export” an audio file (see here for more info. http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Audacity_Projects )

Lol. Perhaps it is my error. :confused:

I exported the waveform and saved it as “.WAV” file. It was saved on an SD card.
The AC generator applies voltages to a given system.

But basically, a 50Hz waveform from Audacity (if exported correctly) should provide the SAME 50Hz waveform on an oscilloscope correct?

I just wanted to make sure there was no missing settings or possible red flags I could possibly be overlooking. :slight_smile:

But only if it is played back with exactly the same sample rate as the Audacity “Project Rate”, set in the lower left corner of the Audacity main window.

Oh…I see!! Perhaps that is the reason I am getting a different output! I will try it.

Thank you my genius friend. :mrgreen: