waveform size

I’m using OS10.11, using Audacity 2.1.1 from the dmg installer.
I’ve been recording books using audacity for several years. I haven’t done it the last few months, so this time I opened the program and recorded a sentence. The WAVEFORM isn’t detailed enough for me to see it like it always was before! I could always zoom in and see where one word ended and the next began etc…
Can someone tell me please perhaps what setting besides System preferences/tracks/waveform that can get me back to what I need?? I have a book to record and I am desperate to figure out why that isn’t showing me the track the way it always has! THANKS!

We can start the help process, but it’s not going to be fast. Do you have anyone there to help? What would you do if we couldn’t fix it?

Do you know how to post a screen capture? Make sure your Audacity is on the screen with a show on it. Shift-Command-3. The computer should make a camera shutter noise and a graphic file should appear on your desktop. From a forum text window, scroll down to where it says “Upload attachment.” Follow instructions.


Thanks Koz! I did sound desperate yesterday, sorry. I have started to record and am using what I’ve got. But it isn’t the waveform I’m used to and is much more dificult to do this kind of editing. I’ve attached the screen grab. The waveform I used to see had no darkblue areas and describing it, I would say it seemed to be stretched more horizontally, so that there was more detail for editing words.
Thanks for taking a look. If I can get it back to the way it was great!! If not I can use this, just more time involved in editing.

Here’s the second waveform when I zoom another step.

The Forum does not work properly with TIFF images.

What stops you using COMMAND + 1 in Audacity to zoom in until the waveform is detailed enough?


Thanks for replying Gale. Didn’t know TIFFs didn’t work -new here. I’ve attached JPEGs now - the waveform I get normally and then what happens if I zoom in as you are suggesting. I’ve used the Command+1 to zoom in and it usually creates an image with a lot of lines and doesn’t give me what I had before when I was editing audio text earlier this year. It could be that this is what I will have and I’ll have to work with it. but I appreciate the question.
Waveform zoomed in.jpg
AUD. Waveform.jpg

COMMAND + 1 has not changed. You said before you could not get a detailed enough view, but now you say you don’t want to zoom in.

What length of audio do you want to see as you look at the Timeline above the tracks? Do you want Zoom Normal (COMMAND + 2)? Do you want Fit in Window (COMMAND + F)?