waveform problem

While recording a cassette today, I noticed the waveform was all at the bottom of the scale(negative). When I loaded a previously completed project, its waveform was also at the bottom of the scale.
I don’t see any way to change the scale on the waveform to center the recording to zero


windows 7, audacity 2.0, recoding through a behringer uca202

Did the scale go from +1 to -1? You may have the magnifier turned on by accident.
Hover in the vertical scale just to the left of the blue waves. The cursor will turn into a magnifying glass. Press Shift and click and the waves should shrink. The natural point is +1 on top and -1 on the bottom.



no, actually the wave was centered on -60db. I tried to send a screenshot but couldn’t figure out how to do it on the forum. I’ll keep digging.

You selected Waveform DB in the drop-down menu on the left. Select Waveform and the normal +1 to -1 should come back. Koz

thank you-that did it.