Waveform moves, time stays still - does not seem likely

It seems if the audio moves right to left, the time must as well.

If I load a file, scroll using whatever method, I see the audio waveform go from right to left. Can go on and on and on and on.
Yet the time stands still.

WHY ???

Scrolling though files is damn difficult. Is there a better program to use to view an audio waveform ?

I am interested in audio events and the times they occur at. This program seems to be able to record audio, but not display a graph of the result in a way that is sensible and meaningful.

Audacity does not manage Time Of Day and we can’t Scrub. So this may not be the best software for you.


How are you doing that?

See here in the manual for some tips about how to navigate around a project:

Personally I usually use a wheel mouse for navigating:
Ctrl + Mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
Shift + Mouse wheel to scroll left and right.
Click and drag to select audio.