Waveform DB & Joining Spliced Tracks

It seems there is no Waveform DB view anymore. That was inarguable the most helpful way to view a track when removing noise. Have I overlooked something, or did someone indeed decide to get rid of this invaluable feature?

Also, how come when I start a new recording, and the new portion appears on the main track line, I cannot join it together with the previously recorded material? Now there is a permanent splice in the track, and I can’t easily double-click on the track and highlight everything because the track is in 2 more sections.

Thank you.

It got moved, a few releases ago, to be a menu item in the Vertical Scale’s context menu - which you access by right-clicking in the Vertical scale (the bit between the Track Control Panel and the Track itself.

See: Track Control Panel and Vertical Scale - Audacity Manual
And this has made me notice that that section needs updating for the change

OK so now I have fixed the alpha manual for this


Suddenly, life seems like it might be worth living again.

Seriously, I just spent an eternity trying to figure out how to install an older version of Audacity on Linux Fedora because I couldn’t find Waveform DB. I’m a boomer…I’m too old for this.


I’m a boomer too! I’ve worked on Audacity as a volunteer ever since I retired a decade and a half ago (you’re never too old) :slight_smile:

And I thought it was easier to find where it was before, but the developer who implemented the change thought otherwise … :unamused:
But glad I got you sorted …