Waveform changes from previous versions


I’m not a sophisticated audio person but what I can see is that in previous versions of Audacity, the waveform was always fairly visible and went up and down by default. I don’t know enough about audio recording to set it to something besides the default. In 2.1.0, I only see what is close to a flat line for the waveform. I know I can change that. I just did but I don’t understand why the default changed. I looked online at how to modify the waveform but I’m not sure what that does besides making the “wave” more visible. I’m looking for empty seconds and coughs in order to delete them.

Since the waveform indicates the volume of sounds relative to each other, is there a way I can increase the volume? It is rather soft and I want it to be louder for listeners. Thanks.

The display of the waveform has not changed in Audacity, your more recent recordings are quieter for some reason,
(e.g. changed the gain , changed the microphone, recorded from computer internal mic by mistake, etc)

Can vertically zoom-in on a quiet waveform to make it appear bigger & easier to see, but zooming does not make it louder.

Amplify makes everything louder (including any and hiss & hum).

If amplify isn’t doing it for you, use Audacity’s (soft) limiter with “make-up gain” activated.

Thanks, Trebor, for this information. I will try amplify. However, this does raise a question for me. I don’t use a headset to record because that picks up so many irrelevant mouth sounds. I usually balance my microphone in the middle split area of my keyboard. It’s a normal stand mic. It does not prevent all those mouth sounds but it is a littler better. How can I keep the mic away from my mouth but get a loud enough recording? I know this is not my original question but it is on the same issue now that you have explained things.

Try [u]Microphone Boost[/u].

That’s doing the same kind of “digital amplification” that Audacity’s Amplify effect except the amplification is applied before recording.