wav won't export to WMP

I’m new in this forum. I’ve been using Audacity for a couple years to edit music transferred using Ion tape to pc. My OS is Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I’m using the latest version of Audacity. Everything was fine until a month ago when I had to install the back up discs for my OS. When I would export a selection as a wav it automatically went to WMP, but now it doesn’t work. I’m not having any problem at all with Audacity performing. The settings are: devices-interface-host MME, playback-speakers-coax high definition, record-microphone-coax high definition, channels-2 stereo, 44100Hz, 32 bit float, fast sync intropolitian. After using the back up discs I purchased a 500 gb hard drive and then re-installed the Ion as well as Audacity 2.0, but put them on the external drive. I thought that I’m having this problem because I’m working from the external drive. However, before using the back up discs I tried to finish my projects in Audacity so I wouldn’t have to start over (I’ve worked on this particular project for ten months) ,but I had the same problem. I guess it’s possible I had a corrupted file in WMP, but I don’t know how since I never download music. I’d apprecaite any help you can offer. Thanks

Audacity does not “export to WMP”. It has no connection to WMP. iTunes or any other media programs. It exports to the directory you tell it to export to, if you have permissions to write there:

You can export to one of Vista’s virtual “Libraries” - the “Music” Library in Explorer is the same as the “Music” Library in Windows Media Player. You can add other folders to or remove folders from the “Music” Library by right-clicking over it in Explorer and Choosing “Properties”.

The “Music” library is by default at C:UsersMy Music .


Thanks. I appreciate a reply. However, at one time as soon as I exported as a wav the song automatically went to WMP. I don’t how or why it just did. I know I could send them to the desktop and drop and drag to WMP, but I really don’t want to because I have approximately 80 songs to move. Thanks again.

I assume you mean that the song appeared in the WMP library. Why not simply export to the “Music” library in the “Libraries” folder? Click in the “Save in” box when you export to see “Libraries”.

Or add whatever folder you are exporting to into the “Music” library as already described.


It’s possible, I will try that today. My time on the computer is limited because I had surgery to remove a large cyst from my spinal column. Do you think it has anything to do with having the Audacity installed on an external drive? Thanks again.

I did it and it worked. I’m so happy about that! I tried this before, but I was trying to send it right into WMP instead of music. I guess I got so frustrated I stopped thinking logically. Thank you so much. I tried This music I’m transferring is very important to me. It’s two of my family members playing at gigs more than twenty years ago. They have both passed away. I think Audacity is great and I’m very thankful to be able to use it. Again, thanks for all your help.