WAV to PCM 8,00khz, 16 bit, mono

I having issues converting a standard wav file to a usable PCM, 8,00khz, 16 bit, mono file. I make the changes on to the wav file on the audacity program but when i load it up and play the file it is very slow. i understand that ive modified the format to the new type, but how do i get it to sound “normal” while still in the required PCM, 8,00khz, 16 bit, mono file?

Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated!

The terminology is quite important:
When you import a file into Audacity, you are not working directly on that “file” - the original file is not changed at all.
When you import a file into Audacity, the audio data is copied from the file into the Audacity project - you are working on the copied data, not the original file.

When you “export” from Audacity, the audio data in the Audacity project is copied into a new file (the “exported” file).
The sample rate of the exported file comes from the Audacity “Project Rate”. Whatever the project rate is set to when you export, that is the sample rate that is used for the new file that is created by exporting.

So - to export with a specific sample rate, you don’t do anything to the original file, or to the audio track in Audacity - all you do is set the desired sample rate as the “Project Rate” before you export.

The “Project Rate” is in the lower left corner of the main Audacity interface.