WAV. to Aud back to WAV.?

I have some WAV files that need a little work. I don’t believe that Aud works on WAV files so I have to open to Aud., work on the file, and then save it again as a WAV. Do I lose quality in doing this?
Thank you

Audacity works in 32-bit floating-point and the conversion from regular (integer) 16-bit or 24-bit WAV to floating-point and back is lossless.

But by default, Audacity will apply [u]dither[/u] which will make very-small (generally inaudible) changes to the audio data.

If you are just doing some “cuts & splices” and you want the unedited audio to be completely untouched you can disable dither. If you are using effects, dither may be a theoretical improvement. But either way, you shouldn’t hear any difference with or without dither.

Basically, the editing I desire to do is mainly to amplify certain passages. The amplify option on the latest version is NOT user-friendly - referring to dB, etc. Are there any tips on how to amplify a certain amount ? I seem to recall that older versions allowed one to amplify by percent.

Envelope tool