wav tag editor

Hi all here!

Great: Audacity is the only programm that can write functional tags in wav-files :sunglasses:

Now I want to tag all my wav-files. But difficult to find tag editors which can work with wav.
I found 2:

  • Stamp ID3 Tag Editor
  • kid3-3.1.0

But Win7 can’t read the tags from this editors and the editors can’t read all tags from Audacity…

Win7 and WMedia Player 12 read the tags from Audacity. But it’s not practicable to import and export every file separately (over 9000).

So it would be very great if the Audacity team would be create a wav tag editor. It seems you are the only who know how a tag must be written in a wav-file… :wink:

I’m only a simple user and can’t write software and where is the time to learn with 40h job and children…

Have you considered using FLAC format?
Flac is a lossless format with pretty good metadata support. Windows Media Player does not support Flac by default, but (a) why use Windows Media Player when there are much better media players available, (b) Codecs are available (free) that allow Windows Media Player to play Flac files.
Flac also has the advantage that the file size is typically around 40% smaller than WAV files, with no loss of sound quality.
Audacity natively supports Flac format.

FLAC is not for me. I do something with my soundfiles. Some little freewaretools (somtimes very old) which work only with wav or aif.
And I have 4TB only for music and radioplays - that’s enough :smiley:

For walking I use MP3 like most people.

Windows Media Player? I was happy with WMP 11.
Since 2 weeks I have Win7 and WMP 12 :frowning:
NOW I think about to test other players…
I will do it in time.

For future files from analog media it’s not a problem because I make the files with Audacity.

I don’t know a lot of software engineering but I think a simple tag editor is not so difficult for a semi professional (or better) coder. Or am I wrong? Off 'course it’s work…

Otherwise I must see that other tag editors write the tags in wav files wrong. They are invisible in the detail view from the explorer. So: perhaps not so easy ???
The Audacity wav tags are visible :smiley:

Take a look at the these wav tag editors. (on the end of the page) The ones that are compatible with Audacity and Win7 are those that support INFO List Chunk. Some are free and some support batch processing.

I don’t think it’s a question of other tag editors writing the tags “wrong”. Windows will only see tags in WAV files if they are LIST INFO tags that are written at the end of the file. If the LIST INFO tags are at the start of the file then Windows won’t see them.

Other players or file managers may only see ID3 tags in WAV files and ignore LIST INFO tags. Duxba’s link shows some examples of how support varies from one application to another.

Audacity now writes both ID3 tags and LIST INFO tags (at the end of the file) for WAV, but prior to 2.0.4 it only wrote LIST INFO tags at the start of the file. See here for exactly what WAV tags Audacity supports: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/WAV#Metadata .

Personally I like dBPowerAmp ( http://www.dbpoweramp.com/ ) which recognises WAV ID3 and LISTINFO tags (at start or end of the file). It integrates into Windows so it can show you all the WAV tags for a file in Explorer columns or Windows properties sheets. It can tag WAV files itself (it writes ID3 and LIST INFO tags at the end of the file like Audacity does). It’s free if you don’t want to encode MP3 files (plus there are a few other minor restrictions).


Also this might be useful SongKong tag editor http://www.jthink.net/songkong can read ID3 and LISTINFO metadata chunks wherever they are in the file, then if it modifies them it writes them to the end of the file.

[Moderator note: Hot link disabled. SongKong is commercial software. Prices from $32 to $158 USD depending on the version bought].