WAV files


I have noticed over the last few days that quite a few of our users are reporting an error when they try to import a .WAV file that they have created in Audacity. I have tested this myself using both windows Movie maker and Corel video studio x9. When I try to import the .WAV file I get an error, please see attached screenshot.
As this is occurring more and more over the last few days I’m wondering if it’s been caused by a Windows Update.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ensure that the files are being exported as 16-bit WAV files, and ensure that the files have “.wav” as the file extension.
Note that WAV files cannot be bigger than 4GB and some applications have a 2GB limit for WAV files.

If you require further help, please tell us exactly which version of Audacity you are using (Look in “Help > About Audacity”) and which version of Windows.

I did not see the pic but this is what my file looks like using a USB interface with Audacity. Does your file look like this?

thank you this information was very helpful and has now solved the problem.

Why do those files have to be exported as 16-bit ones though?

16-bit PCM WAV is compatible with just about everything.
Many applications fail with 24-bit WAV, and even more fail with more obscure WAV formats.