WAV files won't play—anywhere!

I’ve used Audacity to make mp3 files on my mac for podcasts. But now I’d like to make WAV files to input into Final Cut Pro. I record then select “Export as WAV” and create a file but it won’t play in FCP or Quicktime. They are big files but they won’t play. What am I doing wrong? Exasperated in PA.

What setting are you exporting the WAVs with - I would recommend 16-bit PCM stereo 44.1kHz.

This is the Red Book CD standard and is generally reckoned to be the most portable amongst players and software applications.


However, since your destination is FCP, you might be better off with 48000, 16-bit, Stereo which is the video sound standard. I think you can force FCP to accept 44100, but there have been reported problems.

One problem with FCP is that it’s a consumer product, and it’s sound standard is -12dB. This is considerably hotter than the broadcast standard of -20dB. Not that you can certainly use FCP to produce delightful shows, but you can’t go back and forth between the two sound standards without serious problems.

Note that when you produce bars and tone from the effects tab, the sound is -12 on the sound meters. That’s the give away.


Thanks Koz. That’s a big help.