.wav files from macbook empty on windows system

Hi there, was wondering if anyone out there could possibly advise on an issue I’m having with some .wav files?

Just a bit of background before I summarize my problem. My Macbook Pro recently went kaput, thankfully we did manage to back the entire hard drive up to a Lacie External hard drive whilst we fix it.

I recently copied a fair few .wav files from the Lacie external hard drive onto a pen drive via a secondary Macbook pro so I could work on them on my windows machine at work, unfortunately I get 3 different errors:

. Audacity did not recognize the type of file _ _ _ _
Try installing FFmpeg. For uncompressed files , also try File > Import > Raw Data

.When I try to import as raw data the track is blank.

. Window media player, VLC not itunes on windows will play the files. Right click shows the correct file size but windows will not recognise them.

It’s really frustrating as I can play them directly from the Lacie viamy Partners Macbook, Audacity opens them fine this way too but no luck in working on them in Windows.

I’m using Audacity 2.3.0 and windows 7.

Hope that makes sense, apologies it’s rather rambling. Any help would be great!



Pick one of the files, and look at the full file name (including the filename extension) and file size.
What is the full name and file size on the Lacie drive?
What is the full name and file size on the pen drive?