WAV files from Audacity not being recognized to burn CDs

Windows 10, Audacity 2.1.1
In the past I have successfully edited wav files in Audacity, then saved the results using “export selection” as wav files, then later made them into audio CDs using Roxio or CyberLink Media Suite. Windows Media Player was not reliable on Windows 10. But the latest ones, today, are being rejected by all media programs as “file does not exist or is in unrecognized format.” They all have wav extensions and I did not do anything unusual to them. They play in the media programs, but you can’t burn them onto a CD. What do you think is going on?The system here is blanking out when I try to upload an attachment of an example file.

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Make sure you are exporting 16-bit 44100 Hz stereo WAV files. See Tutorial - Burning music files to a CD.

Export the files to your own user space. Don’t drag the files from File Explorer into the burning app, because this could create permissions issues. Try opening the files from within the burning app.


Thank you, Gale. You turned out to be right on both counts! I was inadvertently using the 32-bit WAV option and none of the consumer-grade programs I’m using would take that. It also smoothed the process to open the files from within the burning program, although it mostly worked ok with drag and drop… but as you said, it is chancier. I’m responsible for creating a number of “rehearsal CDs” from our own music, so nothing is protected per se, but that doesn’t mean the computer won’t try to hunt for permissions. Thanks again. Big sigh of relief!