wav files connot be handled by CD burining apps

A few years ago, I downloaded ver. 1.2.6. Converted analog audio from 45s & LPs to wav files, burned to CD successfully.

Built 2 new PCs, upgraded a third one; have 2 running 32 bit Win 7, 1 with Win 64 bit version. All upgraded with SP1.

January, downloaded 2.0.3. Converted 20 to 30 vinyl tracks to wav with 2.0.3, digitized files play fine on Win Media Player on all 3 PCs.

However, Win media player,Ashampoo, and Nero will not convert the wav tracks to CD CS files. They all claim the files are corrupted.

Did I miss something when setting up 2.0.3? Checked FAQs, could not find anything applicable.

Bob Lindsey

Audacity will export WAV files with 32-floating format. They’re super quality files, but burners are not going to have any idea what to do with them.

Edit > Preferences > Quality > 16-bit > OK.


MediaMonkey happily uses Audacity’s 32-bit WAV files to create CDs which play just fine in all my CD players (some very old boomboxes, some fairly new automotive in-dash units etc.).

Thanks guys! At least I didn’t mess up.

Will procure MediaMonkey.


Look at the “Save as type” when you export. Set it to “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM” then the files will be 16-bit. Unless you have a lot of silence or near silence in your files there is no reason to export 32-bit float WAV for CD burning. It just takes up disc space and slows down the export and burn.