WASAPI record and play simultaneously - possible?


I have WinPDrums which is a little program that allows you to play drum sounds on your PC keyboard. I am trying to record a beat in audacity with WASAPI loopback audio then I want to be able to listen to what I recorded and add more sounds on top of it. The problem is that with the loopback recording, when I’m recording the second track and listening to the first, the first track gets recorded again and it sounds very weird.

Is it possible somehow to record via WASAPI and have a separate channel for playback only that doesn’t get recorded again when adding on top?

Turn off [u]Software Playthrough[/u].

…* I don’t think you can do what you want. I think you can’t do overdubbing with an internal instrument. The Overdubbing instructions all assume you have an external microphone or instrument music tap like a guitar pickup. The New Music has to be a straight-line recording path from your instrument to Audacity. The Backing track has to be a straight line playback path from Audacity to your earphones.

There is no provision to play an internal computer instrument to your headphones at the same time you play the backing track without crossing the two. Audacity will only deal with one device per direction at a time.

Let us know how it comes out