Was recording but now it won't record

I have been recording a mono audio cassettes for a few days and it has been working fine with some help from this form. But today it stop recording. I still hear it fine through my computer speakers both on the left and the right, but it is not recording. I get no wave form and no movement of the input meter. I don’t believe I have changed any settings (but something must have changed). Before everything I could hear through the speakers would record.
What I’ve tried:
Set everything in the Audacity toolbar where I think it should be (where it was).
Boot the computer
uninstall Audacity and reinstall
record a test recording and play it back to make sure it was not recording and I just could not see it
checked FAQ
checked the forum
I am using Audacity 2.0.1, Windows XP pro Service Pack 3, Realtek High Definition Audio board
Toolbar setting MMe, Realtek HD Audio output, Realtec HDA Primary input: Line Volume, 2 (Stereo) Input channels
Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
Steve Golden

Is this still a problem? Does Windows Sound Recorder make an audible recording?

Are you sure you are selecting the line-in input in Audacity Device Toolbar? Have you looked in Sounds and Audio Devices ( http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Mixer_Toolbar_Issues#xpcp ) to see if you have knocked the recording balance over to right (the empty channel)?

Have you tried plugging into the mic port of the computer? You should not normally do this, but as your cassette player is mono it might be alright if you turn the Audacity input volume down. Then you would not have to record in stereo and remove one of the channels.


It was until I got your post. I had tried everything you suggested but worked my way through them again using your suggestions as a check list, and discovered when I check the Sound Devices again I had missed that the mute was checked for the line and the mic in. I don’t know how this happened but it was obviously the problem. The thing I don’t understand is why I could still hear the tape through my computer. If I had not been able to hear the cassette I would have check to see that some mute button was checked. Thanks very much for helping me again and for leading me to the solution.