WAS File Issue


I am trying to convert an MP# to a WAV file that will work on Windows 3.11.
I have tried a lot of things with no success.
Can any of you help?

All the best


“WAS File Issue”
I’m guessing that should be “WAV file issue”?

You mean “MP3 to WAV”?
Do you mean that you want the WAV file to work on Windows 3.11, or that you want the converter to run on Windows 3.11?

Audacity does not run on Windows 3.11.
Any standard 16-bit mono or stereo WAV file should work on Windows 3.11.

There are a number of on-line audio format converts that can convert from MP3 to WAV. Just try a Google search for “free audio format converter”.

Can you play any WAV files? Does the old computer have a working soundcard & driver, and some kind of player software? (Those older computers always had a speaker that could “beep”, but a soundcard was optional.)

I have tried a lot of things with no success.

Such as? How far did you get? Did you make a WAV file that plays on your modern computer?

You should be able to open the MP3 in Audacity and Export as WAV.