Warning - Missing Audio Data Block Files

When I open up the project that I am currently working on I get the following error:
Project check of “insomniafiles_episode3_merged_data” folder detected 14 missing audio data blockfiles probably due to a bug, system crash, or accidental deletion. There is no way for audacity to recover these missing files automatically.

The version of audacity I am using is 2.0.5

I would appreciate any help I can get.

As the error suggests, you will need to find the missing files. Open Help > Show Log… to see the list of the missing files, search your computer for them, then put them back in the correct “d” folder in the “insomniafiles_episode3_merged_data” folder.

There is a rule that makes this easy to do. The fifth character (fourth number) in the name of the AU file always indicates the “d” folder it belongs in. If the fifth character in the name of the AU file is a “0”, put that file in the “d00” folder. If the fifth character is a “1”, put that file in the “d01” folder, and so on.


Important: Do not select the “replace missing audio with silence permanently” option.

(The above comment was from another thread but thought it was important to paste here incase anyone else stumbles across this thread)

I’ve literally just registered to say thanks to Gale! Based on your suggestion I was able to retrieve about 9 hours of work I thought I’d lost!!

When I did a search for the files mentioned in the log, I noticed every single one kept being found in the same e08 folder which was located somewhere else on my computer.

(I must have renamed something by accident at some point and not realised, not to self - be careful when doing that with audacity files next time and always back up!)

I just copied the whole e08 folder into the folder I was having problems with and renamed the files so they matched and it worked.

I know you posted years ago so may not see this but thanks for the suggestion, and hope you managed to find a solution for original issue linuxgrad.

Sadly I have to inform you that you can no longer thank Gale, as he died a while back RIP