Warning- Missing Audio Data Block File(s) message

Hi! I am desperate. I just recorded a podcast episode where I interviewed someone.

It’s about an hour and 9 min long and I did everything I usually do to save it.

When I opened the new Audacity window initially, I made sure to save the project before I even started it.

Then when I was done with the recording I went to file, save project and it was grayed out. So I then went to click save project as and then all of my stuff is completely gone. It shows that something should be there for the 1 hour and 8 min, but the actual audio is no longer there.

Then when I closed it and opened again, the message: Warning- Missing Audio Data Block File(s) popped up and I can’t find my audio anywhere.

Please please help me. I am desperate.

Thanks in advance.


Which version of Audacity?

Which is what? (What are the exact steps that you do to save it?)

Which three-digit Audacity do you have?