"Warning audio data files missing"

Hi all,

I have a small problem with a Project.
I actually made a copy of my main project and tried different tools and features on the copy audacity Project and now, Audacity cannot open the copy at all and it says for the main one that “audio data files are missing”.

Attached you will find the window showed at the opening of my project.
“646 audio blocks .au are missing because of a crush, bug … and Audacity cannot automatically recover the files”

I think I get why he doesn’t like what I did but is it possible to recover these audio files which are still in the right folder on my HDD?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Warning message.png

How did you make a copy?

You should not make copies in your file manager, except by creating a new folder first, then copying the AUP file and _data folder of the original project to the new folder. Otherwise you risk destroying your project.

Use File > Save Project As… inside Audacity to copy a project.

Look at Help > Show Log… as the button in the dialogue says.

Put the AU files in the exact subfolder where the log says the missing files should be.


Hi Gale and thank you for your answer,

Yes, I unfortunately did not copy like you advise it.
The missing files are still in the good sub folder so I don’t have to move them.
I think I should use Audacity recovery utility but the installation is not so simple for me. I normally use the “Logithek” to install the software but cannot find it by this way.
I found http://www.mesw.de/audacity/recovery/ to get it but cannot install it via Terminal.
For the following points, I can’t go on :

  1. Unlike most tarballs, the .zip file unzips into the current directory. Therefore create a new directory and cd to it, then unzip the contents (using the unzip command).
  2. Then just execute the command ‘python audacity_recovery.py’ to start the program.

is there another way to get this utility?

Thank you for your answer!

The scripts and recovery utility are only useful if you have an unedited recording where the time stamp order of the files is the same as the order of the files as they should be on the Timeline. So if the main project was an imported file, or was a recording you have been editing, those tools won’t recover the files in the correct order.

If the main project is an unedited recording, you can follow the instructions at http://www.mesw.de/audacity/recovery/. There is no other way with that utility. You can’t install it with third-party package managers. There are also some other scripts (untested, so back up your data) at the bottom of http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/recovering_crashes_manually.html.

Alternatively you can move the AU data files to where they should be according to the log. This is the only solution if you were editing the main project or if it was an imported file.

You may of course be able to open the copy. It may be as simple as renaming the _data folder according to the “projname” given inside the AUP file. What is the error opening the copied project? You can attach the AUP file for the copied project. Please see here for how to attach files: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-attach-files-to-forum-posts/24026/1