Wanting to write a shell script for backing up audacity project files

(Hang in there with me, this really will have to do with Audacity (ver. 2.4.2) specifically)

I want to write a bash script that should help me ensure that changes to a project are backed up timely to a removable drive. Before I forget, that is, (since I’m late middle-age. But I digress)

Assuming I can figure out the syntax :rofl:, would it make more sense practically/procedurally speaking, to

  1. compare the time/date stamp of two files of the same filename (preceding the .aup extension), or
  2. to test whether the backup copy is the exact same size as the most recently edited version?

The plan/concept would be to run this hypothetical script just periodically–not sure I need to obsessively run it every time I edit ANY Audacity project.

the procedural logic:
a) Somehow periodically test whether 2 copies of the same file (same name but different paths obviously) are identical in every other respect. Assuming there is a difference between the two,
b) then test whether the removable drive is mounted and the backup directory is still where it should be
c) copy the new version over

My Audacity question is: does the ripped_vinyl_data/ directory or the ripped_ vinyl.aup file change enough to trip the test? Most of my editing will either use the repair tool, or modify track label info.


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