wanting to see track as a continuious feed

I am at Audacity version 3.2.1. I have windows 11 for x64.
I used to see my audio recording (wave form track) continuously before I updated to 3.2. Once I updated it shows the initial tracks which is a very short time then stops. I can see the record bar (meter bar) which goes continuously ok. However keeping it out of the red is not enough. I am trying to electronically record old audio cassettes of mine, from a cassette player. The tapes are very old and some are not really clear so I need to see those wave forms on a continuous roll. When I updated to 3.2.1. I asked for a reset of my settings in case I did something there but unfortunately nothing I do seems to fix this issue. I hope you can help.

Try ticking “Auto-scroll” in Audacity preferences … Tracks Preferences - Audacity Manual