Want to stop Automap scan with Audacity

I’m using Novation Automap to wrap and control all my plugins with my controllers. I use Pro Tools and Ableton but I still use Audacity to flip formats and simple editing tasks. I’d like to not have Automap scan the plugins when I start Audacity because it takes forever( I have a lot of plugins!) Is there a way to do this? What does audacity use VST or AU? I’m actually still using 1.3.12 beta…I’ll download 2.0 and get that working.

If you have moved to Mac since your last post, Audacity supports VST, AU (see http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/effect_menu.html#VST_Effects for both VST and AU), Nyquist and LADSPA.

Audacity’s VST scans should only take place when requested (after the first time Audacity scans for them).

AU’s are scanned every launch.

All VST’'s and AU’s are loaded at launch (unless this is disabled in Preferences).

What does the message about scanning say - is Automap running as a VST or AU plug-in itself?