want to remove talking from fiddle tune

i was wondering if i could remove the talking that’s in the fiddle tunes i have? it’s already recorded fiddle tunes of my father, but there is lots of talking in it. is there any way i can remove or lessen the talking in it? please help. thank you

Audacity can’t split a mixed performance into individual voices, instruments or sounds.


awe that’s too bad. i was hoping it could. my father has been deceased for 29 years now and i would love to get the talking out of those fiddle tunes. just wondering, do you know of any place that does something like this? just thought i would ask. thank you for contacting back and letting me know. i really appreciate it very much.

do you know of any place that does something like this?

I don’t, but someone else may post.


You’re talking about editing the raw waveform, a very tricky business, maybe impossible in this case though I sympathize with your purpose. Never done it myself, except for clipping out pops especially between recorded sections. Try asking your question at audio pro forums:



You can find others with a google search.

okay thank you

okay thank you very much

If you want, post a sample of the recording with the talking and I’ll have a go at it. I do this stuff fairly often so I have a few tricks up my sleeve. No guarantees, though.