Want to recreate a vinyl disc that is slowing down and speeding up

Windows 10. Audacity 2.3.2

I don’t know what the technical term would be, but I want to add an effect to an audio file to recreate the slowdown/speed-up of a vinyl record player. As if you touch the turntable and stop it quickly with your finger, and then let go so it speeds up again.

You could try with a “Time Track”: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/time_tracks.html

I think [u]Izotope Vinyl[/u] (a FREE plug-in) can do that.

I haven’t tried it and it doesn’t officially support Audacity but somebody reported here on the forum that it works. (You’ll need the 32-bit version even if you have 64-bit Windows because Audacity is 32-bits.)

Because it’s Izotope’s only free product… I also suspect that it’s sort-of intended as a sarcastic poke at people who think analog is superior to digital. :wink: But, it is a “real product” and I’m sure it works and can be useful.

Cool, I’ll try those two.

VINYLIZER VST plugin by Plektron (free) does the slowdown … https://youtu.be/Bl9wgp9Q1Ss?t=57