Want to increase Audacity's usefulness tenfold?

Would be nice if some of the effects native to Audacity could be used to do ‘batch jobs’ on entire folders or a selected range of files in order to automate/speed up certain processes. Thinking mainly of Normalize and Truncate Silence effects, but some others may be used to advantage also.
Would be helpful as an all-in-one solution to formatting large audio collections while reducing our need to rely on a whole toolbox of sometimes inferior apps to do such repetitive tasks in an efficient manner.
As a WEB Radio operator such features would save me tons of time and result in media files better suited for processing by current popular streaming engines out there.

Batch processing is possible in Audacity …

Hadn’t explored this option…nice, thanks. Created a macro and applied it to a bunch of files.
Question; why are the modified files exported to Timbuktu? We should have the option to select ORIGINAL FOLDER (or any other of our choosing) as export path with a yes/no overwrite switch. ‘No’ option would save to a renamed file (incremental # added, for example)

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