want to add guitar solo over existing rhythm track

Windows 10, I want to add guitar solo over existing rhythm track , how is that done? Thanks in advance.

add guitar solo over existing rhythm track

That’s overdubbing.


Before you get too far into the weeds, there are two versions of Overdubbing, simple and perfect.

In Simple Overdubbing you listen to the backing track in your headphones and play the fresh new track into Audacity for recording. The first time you hear the mix—both at once—is when you play them both back later.

Then there’s Perfect Overdubbing where you hear a perfect theatrical mix of backing track and your new performance in real time as you play it. That one is excellent, but it takes special devices, recording hardware, and settings.

There’s a delay setting called Latency. If you set that, the new performance and the backing track automatically come out in perfect time or rhythm. If you don’t set it, one of the tracks will almost guaranteed to be ahead of the other. You can fix that later with tools inside Audacity.

And one caution, Audacity will produce your new performance as a separate track from the backing track. Each time you dub, you will get a new track. That’s what lets you perform all the parts of a string quartet and edit each instrument separately.

Audacity will melt everything together into one song when you Export the final version.

What cables and devices do you have for your guitar? Have you recorded anything?


We should find out if you have an electric guitar. If it’s acoustic, you can still overdub, but studio conditions and microphones need to be considered.