Want record to start on timer while playing


My problem is this: I`m recording solo, so I need the playback of what I just recorded to be playing and somehow get Record to start at a marked point for a punch-in automatically.

While I`m playing drums, I need to get back into the beat and be playing INTO the punch-in and continue on. I cant just hit record where I made a mistake and get right in-time… if you know what I mean.

Is there a method so I can select where I want the Playback to start and where a punch-in-record will start…without having someone else punch me in… Ex: Playback start at 0:46 and when it hits desired point, say at 1:05, recording will start and I will have been playing already with song as the recording (continuation of that drum track ) starts again. …

I cant keep trying to do one-takers. Hahaha. Its killing me.

Thanks and sorry if its convoluted!
I use Windows XP


Audacity doesn’t do punch-in. You can simulate punch-in with a lot of production tools and clicking and dragging, but it’s not going to be automatic or fast.

Many fumble-fingered performers repeat the phrase immediately corrected and just keep recording. Then go back later and slice out the fluff.

“Let’s see, there’s an English flub at about 2:01:00 and a note screw-up at 3:30:00.”

You can Stop recording and Append Record (Shift-R). That will always smash the new recording at the end of the old one – only at the end.


The other thing you can do is play against a click track, so you can always get straight back to the song rhythm.

Generate > Click Track.