Walkie talkie sound

How can I create a walkie talky effect for vocaIs?. Is there any plugins for this or do i have to eq?..

It’s a fairly standard equalization. Use the one for telephones. Drop everything lower than 300 and higher than 3000. The thing that puts two-way radio over to the audience is squelch trails.

Hello Transmission, this is Remote Two in Marina Del Rey ththththP!

Remote Two, go ahead thththP!

Where the frog is the camera operator? He was supposed to be here at 2 thththP!

Stuck on the 405. Imagine my surprise thththP!

Throw an occasional crackle in there and you got it licked. You can get most of that with the white noise generator. By the time you find a plug-in and get it working, I can have the project out the door with those simple tools.

Remember not to have any noise when the main actor is talking. Radio receivers shut down then.


There’s a number of distortion effects available that may add to the realism.
A good source of free plug-ins: http://plugin.org.uk/ladspa-swh/docs/ladspa-swh.html