Wacky Change in wave file, recording wave file

Out of nowhere all of a sudden my track behavior went wacky. I always like recording at the very beginning of the track and now all of a sudden it’s starting to record in the middle which is making it really hard especially when I do long form for audiobooks. What happened? What did I accidentally press?…

Yay I solved it by myself! This topic can be closed. I had hit the “pin“ button. Pin to head. One I hit it again. Everything was back to normal.

“Shift + R will cause Audacity to create a new track and begin recording on that track from the current cursor position”.

Thank you for replying, but that wasn’t the issue. I solved it by myself. I had hit the pin button. Once I undid it everything was back to being OK. It wasn’t recording on a new track. That wasn’t the issue.