W10 Audacity 2.3.1 Crackling webcam microphone

In the recent past, using my HP Envy webcam has been good and burning my voice recording to disc is OK. Lately the quality has deteriorated to having crackling in the background that is unsatisfactory. Please be aware that this fault also applies to using the inbuilt camera app on video recording so the fault does not lay with Audacity. However, my Skype called party informs me that there is no evidence in crackling from the webcam. I have confirmed the drivers as updated for the webcam. I am approaching you for your point of view. TIA.

Are you using the technique where each party in a call records their own microphone and sends the sound file to a central point for editing? Normally, that’s a terrific idea and is one of the recommended ways to record a multi-party show, however, it does depend on a lot of moving parts all working perfectly.

You are what happens when it doesn’t work right.

Recording the far side in an exchange is fraught with danger because that’s a service of Skype and Skype doesn’t like to share. Recording the near side microphone is much more likely to work because that’s a service of your local machine. However, If your machine has scarce resources, Skype is always going to win. It’s claim to fame is that it will work on almost anybody’s machine, always.

There are two possible ways out. Make sure there’s nothing else running on the machine when you do these recordings, or stop recording your voice on the computer. Try the recording app on your phone and cut everything together later.