Vuvazela noise frequency removal


I am trying to watch the World Cup in South Africa but the noise of the vuvazelas is distracting.

According to here:
How to remove Vuvazela noise
I can play the TV through my USB DVB-T dongle, and send the output to my TV, via S-Video cable, without this noise by using notch filters.

Can anyone tell me how to remove the frequencies in that link? As its live TV, I’ll need to be doing this on the fly.

Thanks! :smiley:

According to today’s Guardian the BBC is planning to do this for UK digital viewers via the Red Button …


Audacity does do noise removal and notch filters, but it doesn’t apply filters/effects “on the fly”, “in real time”.

It’s actually spelled vuvuzela (and not vuvazela). Either way it’s an awful name and a terrible sound…

I watched my first world cup match today and after 10 minutes of gameplay I used the “mute” button on the tv remote control… Quite effective on removing the vuvuzela sound… bad side is that it also removes some other less annoying parts of the audio…

Thanks for the replies.

Is there another software that you know of that does noise removal on the fly? Theres some really good games coming up!! :smiley:

If you use Linux maybe you could do something with sox…

On windows I have no idea…

Whats sox?

I’m gonna try loading Ubuntu via VMWare and see if i can get some open source tools for on-the-fly audio processing. Dont know any off the top of my head. Hopefully it can pick up the audio from my co-ax cable coming in via my USB DVB-T device, as I’ve no direct input via mic or 3.5mm or anything, since its coming from the TV.


Apparently it’s available for windows too. In Linux I think you can pipe sound through sox and have something similar to realtime audio processing… I never tried it though. On windows I have no clue if you can do it or not.

I did a quick search for realtime audio processing software and I found this two JACK ( based apps, which might be able to do the job:

Anyways I believe that any of these alternatives might get you into too much trouble with no garanties of success… Steve’s suggestion (cartoon) is quite easier to apply and sounds like much more effective :stuck_out_tongue: (as for myself I think I’ll stick to the mute button :slight_smile: ),n.7058.html

Nice find whomper, but at over $3000 for the plug-ins … :open_mouth:

one more:

you get what you buy
i just found the link did not see a price
but if you want it done in real time that is one of the few choices

the eq device would help if you had one in hardware
or real time software to do it
hopefully a 31 band parametric version

personally i will turn the sound off or
just not watch
FIFA said they would not do anything
whcih is ridiculous

those things are 92dB spl at the horn 1m from the person
add up 100.000 of those in the stadium you got about equivalent 170 dB in the stands aimed at the field
and about 140-150dB at midfield
probably less since i simplified by assuming them as a few point source equivalents instead of integrating them ala calculus as a distributed source
probably still 100-120dB at midfield or maybe more

for somebody surrounded by these things
their ears would be getting a solid 100-110+ dB constantly

its not just annoying
the sound level is dangerous
i would love to see some folks sue FIFA for damage to their hearing

That’s quite an impressive demo - and could be done with free software (but for Audacity, not in real time).

It’s not FIFA making the noise - it’s the fans that are making themselves deaf.