VST's in 2.0.5

System - 32bit Windows XP
Audacity version - 2.0.5 (Release build)(Oct 18, 2013)
features enabled :
Nyquist (Plug-in support)-Enabled
LADSPA (Plug-in support)-Enabled
Vamp (Plug-in support)-Enabled
Audio Units (Plug-in support)-Disabled
PortMixer (Sound card mixer support)-Enabled
SoundTouch (Pitch and Tempo Change support)-Enabled

After installing 2.0.5, all VST’s no longer show their graphical interface…only the plain simple dialog. And yes, in “Preferences” - “Effects” I have “Display VST effects in graphical mode” checked. Are there any known issues or something else I need to do?


Some VST’s only have textual interfaces.

If your Preferences are corrupted, try resetting preferences - easiest done by re-installing Audacity with the “Reset Preferences” box checked (ticked).


I figured it out. It turns out I’m just an idiot… :astonished: :smiley:
For whatever reason, there was an older version folder (unicode 1.3) that got left behind somewhere along the way. Most of my VST’s still resided there. I copied them from there to the new install folder under “VST Bridge”, in “Preferences” clicked “Rescan Plugins On Startup”, closed Audacity, deleted the old unicode 1.3 folder, restarted Audacity, hit Enter at plugin import selection dialog to select all, and everything works fine now.

I am not quite sure what happened unless you were still actually running the 1.3.x version that used VST Bridge.

Also Audacity wouldn’t see VST plug-ins in a “VST Bridge” folder unless the “VST Bridge” folder was inside the “Plug-Ins” folder: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/VST_Plug-ins#locations .

2.0.5 doesn’t need the VST Bridge DLL so you can delete that if you still have it.


No no. I’m saying that previously all my VST’s were in the “Plugins” folder, or whatever it was, in the 1.3 folder and 2.0.5 wasn’t reading the location correctly. So, I put all my VST’s in the 2.0.5 folder in the directory “VST Bridge” and then deleted the 1.3 folder then rescanned the plugins. Everything works fine now.

Again, if you got 2.0.5 from us, it will not see VST plug-ins in a “VST Bridge” folder in the root of the Audacity installation folder, so I must make that clear for others.

2.0.5 would not read plug-ins in the 1.3 Beta Installation folder unless you added that location to your VST_PATH environment variable or to the Registry. And if 2.0.5 could read them there I see no reason why that would make them display text only when you had the GUI option checked in 2.0.5.

Anyway this is just for your information on what should happen.


I understand. But, why then is it reading the VST’s in the “VST Bridge” folder if you’re saying that “it will not see VST plug-ins in a “VST Bridge” folder in the root of the Audacity installation folder”? It is. My VST’s don’t exist anywhere else. Plus, in the plugin import dialog, it tells you which folder it’s getting the plugins from as it imports each one and every one says it’s getting it from “Program Files/Audacity/VST Bridge”. It’s just a folder, right?

Then your version of Audacity behaves differently to mine. If the folder was called “VST” in the root of the installation folder then yes Audacity should see the VST plug-ins in there.

The code in srceffectsVSTVSTEffect.cpp says:

 for (size_t i = 0; i < audacityPathList.GetCount(); i++) {
      wxString prefix = audacityPathList[i] + wxFILE_SEP_PATH;
      wxGetApp().AddUniquePathToPathList(prefix + VSTPLUGINTYPE,
      wxGetApp().AddUniquePathToPathList(prefix + wxT("plugins"),
      wxGetApp().AddUniquePathToPathList(prefix + wxT("plug-ins"),

The developer who wrote that code said the “VSTPLUGINTYPE” means specifically a folder called “VST” and on my machine I see no evidence otherwise.

That’s not the point - if you set “Program FilesAudacityVST Bridge” (which isn’t a path Audacity suggests you use) as a supported registry setting or as your VST_PATH environment variable, then Audacity will find your VST’s there.

I can only accept what you say, but it is not expected.

I can only test in “Program Files(x86)Audacity” at the moment as I am on 64-bit Windows, but that “shouldn’t” make any difference.