VST2 plugins don't show on realtime effects list, but visible under Effect menu

I have some VST2 plugins here, for example DeadDuckEffects. They are available under the Effect menu, but they don’t show in the Realtime Effects list. Is this the expected behaviour?

Using Audacity 3.2.1 64-bit on Windows 10.

DeadDuck Effects: https://www.kvraudio.com/product/free-effects-by-dead-duck-software

From the support docs: (https://support.audacityteam.org/audio-editing/using-realtime-effects)
Currently supported plugin formats are Audio Units (macOS only), VST3, LV2, and LADSPA.

fwiw, VST2 realtime support is targeted for 3.2.2: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/3310

My bad, I should have read that.