vst to change the sound of a recorded audio (to personalize)

I downloaded some instrumental versions of some songs so I can make parodies, but I want to change the way the music sounds in any way possible to make it sound more original… can anybody direct me to a free VST that allows me to do that???

Your question is too general to give you an easy answer. Please try these links:
http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/win95/PLUGINS_VST/freeware/ .


several of those listed in that free vst link weren’t really free!!! and several more were broken links!!!

Which ones?

bidual was requesting me to buy a license, and lost technology was broken… that are the two off the top of my head… but there are others

I don’t see either “bidual” or “lost technology” listed on either of the links that Gale gave. :confused:
http://www.hitsquad.com has nothing to do with Audacity - it’s just a web site that lists a lot of free plug-ins (but we cannot guarantee that they are all free or all good links as that site is not related to Audacity).

You could also try “KVR”. They list a huge collection of plug-ins (some free and some commercial).