vst scanning - basic question

is it right that Audacity 2 will scan for the vst every time at start up?
this seems to be a bit odd (and not how other vst handling programmes work)
it’s not so bad with just the few vst from Audacity but i have a whole library i use and i am loth to import them as the scanning time would increase dramatically.

Go to Edit > Preferences > Effects and uncheck Rescan VST effects next time Audacity is started


That option should automatically be not selected.
When that option is selected it should only apply to the next time that Audacity is launched, then automatically revert to “not selected”.

No. If you have any VST effects they would only be scanned the first time that you launch Audacity unless you manually set “Edit > Preferences > Effects” to rescan, then Audacity will rescan (once) the next time you launch Audacity.

If no VST effects are found then Audacity may (quickly) rescan each time, but if a previous version of Audacity has been run and detected a VST effect then this will probably not happen.

…maybe it was a fubar with my download then as i didn’t select to rescan…

thanks for the replies though

Scan at each start up should not happen if Audacity has already detected VST plug-ins, which means at least one plug-in is listed in plugins.cfg in the Audacity folder for application data .

If you have no VST plug-ins where Audacity looks for them, then as Steve says Audacity may still scan each time but it either does not do this consistently or it does it so fast sometimes that the user cannot see it (if it happens fast enough, Audacity suppresses the scan dialogue). If you can see the scan when Audacity has found no VST plug-ins, you should just see it scanning its shipped .dll files. It is also possible that some incompatible dll’s may force Audacity to scan every time when it has already found VST effects. Sorry that’s vague but this needs more testing.

However be aware that Audacity looks in system locations for VST plug-ins, not just in its Plug-Ins folder. So if you have VST’s in those system locations, Audacity’s scan should have already found them and placed them in plugins.cfg and the Effect menu.


I’m using XP Home SP3 fully updated, and installed Audacity 2.0 from the .exe setup file. I was also experiencing this “Scanning VST Plugings” every time I started Audacity 2.

I could simply press the “Cancel” button and Audacity opened right up, but:
A. I wish this wasn’t necessary
B. I don’t know if canceling “Scanning VST Plugins” leads to any problems once Audacity starts.

However, unchecking “VST” under “Enable Effects” makes the slooooowwwwww (my system is pretty old) startup VST Plugin scans stop happening at all. And I’m pretty sure I can live without the VST effects although YMMV.


It won’t create any harm at all if you don’t have any VST plug-ins where Audacity looks for them. I don’t think it’s been tested as to what happens if you cancel the dialogue while it is loading plug-ins.

Yes, it should not scan in that case even if you had “Rescan VST effects…” checked.