VST rescan button doesn't show.


I wanna install vst plugin gsnap (for autotune)

tutorials online tell me to go to edit, then preferences, then to effects and then click the button rescan.

However, I dont’t see this option.

Why is this and what can I do about this?

Please, if you want help, post in the main Help forum Audacity Help Forum - Audacity Forum to the board (Windows, Mac or GNU/Linux) for the operating system you are using. When there, tell us your Audacity version (all three numbers) and your operating system.

That makes it many times easier to help you.

Rescan was the method for older versions of Audacity.

Our FAQ in the Manual refers to the current Audacity 2.1.1 from Audacity ® | Downloads and gives you the correct instructions to use Effect > Manage… to enable your installed VST plugin.

Also, assuming you are on Windows or Mac, a common mistake is to install the 64-bit version of GSnap. You want the 32-bit version of GSnap, even if you are on a 64-bit operating system.