VST presets

I use quite a lot of VST plugins, but I’ve noticed that some of them are supposed to have presets which I can never access. I recently downloaded a new plugin that has a file called “presets.bank” but no instructions as to where it should go. Can any kind soul enlighten me?

Many thanks.


Forgot to add that I am using v2.0.3

I can’t help you, but I haven’t seen any VST plug-ins that “officially” support Audacity. Usually, there is a handful of supported hosts. If your host is unsupported it’s hit-or-miss. If the plug-in is not free, there is usually a free trial.

Developers & companies that sell VSTs, don’t expect people who use a free (or inexpensive) audio editor to pay $100 for a plug-in. So they ignore that market, and they don’t design, test, or debug their software to work on Audacity. Free VSTs are usually going to be developed & tested for whatever host software the developer has on-hand.

And, you can’t really expect the Audacity developers to tweek Audacity to work with every VST out there. …The burden falls on the plug-in developer to make their plug-in work on whatever it’s supposed to work on. If the plug-in developer feels their is a bug in Cakewalk, or Logic, or whatever, they can probably report it, but chances are they will have to find a work-around until the bug is fixed (if ever).

Generally, all supporting files that come with the VST plug-in should be kept with the VST DLL file using the same structure as when you installed the VST. So if the presets file is in a folder called “presets”, leave it in that folder.

What is the exact name and web address of the plug-in you have a problem with?