VST Location for Windows

Hi, in future devolvement’s please could you make Audacity find VST’S VST2 & VST3 in the same folder please, please, please even if its within Audacity? Thank you for your consideration and hard work. Well done! :grinning:
Regard’s, Joseph.

I only have a few VST plug-ins but Audacity finds them automatically.

When I run the VST installers they get installed to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins.

Sometimes there is a sub-folder. I don’t have any actual Steinberg software so that folder was created by the 1st VST installer. (As you may know, the VST standard/protocol was created by Steinberg.)

If everything goes right, in 3.5 you’ll be able to specify custom folders for plugins

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That would be amazing, thank you.