VST library is not found

Hey there,

My Audacity may simply not be dismissed again as was previously …

Until recently ran Audacity 1.3 (beta) excellent, then suddenly all effects were gone and can no longer be found.
Also, I can no longer generate frequencies (generate) or change pitch. My Effects menu shows these points no longer present, but only:
Repeat last effect and the 6 standards (Hide, Show, Levellers, normalization, noise removal, remove silence) can be found in the menu.

I have reinstalled twice now Audacity (had the same files as 1 year with which it works fine, as well as newly downloaded)
and then also tried all sorts of combos:

  • LADSPA effects in Audacity / Plug-Ins copied, re-clicked and started looking for new,
  • LADSPA effects and other VST effects (instruments) are copied to Program Files / VST plugins can be re-search and restarted, and so on …

Each of these effects is Audacity (it scans for a few seconds through before the program starts), but does not take it to the menu.
Now I have no idea why the effects and the generate function from the menu, because I have not changed anything in this regard to computers or software.

Does anyone know of this problem or has to a witty tip?

That would be great.

The problem with 1.3 is because you have enabled CleanSpeech Mode in the Interface Preferences.

But you must remove 1.3 and install 2.0.4 instead, because we will not help you with the 1.3 version any longer.

So, open the Plug-ins folder in your installation of 1.3 and copy any plug-ins that you added to Audacity to a folder on your Desktop. Do not copy any plug-ins that came with 1.3.

Uninstall 1.3.

Install 2.0.4 from http://audacityteam.org/download/windows . Half way through the installation, put a checkmark (tick) in the box that says “Reset Preferences” . Do not start Audacity yet.

Copy any plug-ins from the Desktop into the Audacity “Plug-Ins” folder.

Start Audacity 2.0.4, and say “Yes” when asked if you want to reset preferences.

When the “Install VST Effects” dialogue appears, click OK. that will load all your VST effects.


Thanks Gale.