VST Help-Amplitube 5

I am running Audacity 3.0.0 on a current/updated version of WIndows 10. In my first try I copied the file Amplitube 5.dll from my VSTPlugins folder into D:Programs\Audacity\plugins and I could not successfully enable that VST. D: is the drive containing Audacity. I then copied the dll into the relevant AppData\Roaming\audacity\Plug-ins folder (and disabled the first dll, although it has been deleted from the D: path in audacity). I still cannot enable this VST where I get the dialog box in the jpeg that I have attached to this (after hitting OK).

I have never installed anything into Audacity so user error is very likely here. Ideas on how to proceed - thanks.


IIRC “Audacity 3.0.0” is the first version of Audacity available in 64-bit for Windows,
(only 64-bit plugins can work on the 64-bit version).

Many of the latest VST plugins are not compatible with Audacity


NB: Audacity does not do real-time effects, it only applies effects post production.
If you want to play with effects you need the standalone version of amplitube, (rather than as an Audacity plugin).

A free amp cabinet emulator which I know is compatible with Audcaity on Windows is Boogex.
Again, playing live via Boogex (like this) not possible via Audcaity. :frowning:

Trebor - thanks for the response.

I typically use Amplitube in standalone mode and I had just assumed that Audacity loopback recording would allow me to record the digital audio stream going to my PC speakers from Audacity. As best as I can determine because Audacity does not support ASIO (unless you do your own custom build from available source code), that does not work.

So I was hoping that I could achieve this via the plug-in route. At this point that also looks impossible (not totally sure about that yet). So either mic’ing my speakers or a different DAW are probably my options (if I want to stay w/Amplitube). Or maybe something like Voicemeeter Banana is an answer.


Apparently Amplitube5 has a recorder built-in (I’ve not used it myself)…
You could transfer the recording made in Amplitube5 to Audacity, if you prefer to edit audio there.

If you must use Audacity to record the live performance there are 2 methods for loopback without resorting to physical cables: WASAPI & StereoMix … https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_recording_computer_playback_on_windows.html

StereoMix has aliases: “Wave Out”, “Sum”, “What U Hear”, “Loopback”.

FWIW, I completely uninstalled AT5 and reinstalled. At this point I can bring up AT5 as a plug-in. And it looks like this will be for post-processing only. I can live with that but I have a huge amount to learn WRT the differences between the Standalone version and plug-in version of AT5.


ps. WASAPI loopback was my original plan here. That seems to not work with AT5 and I think (but do not know) that this is an ASIO issue. I understand that this could be fixed if I were to recompile/build a ASIO enabled AT5 from available source code. I don’t plan on doing that.

Plugged in to other software, (not Audacity), real-time use would be possible, (just like standalone).
It’s a limitation of Audacity that effects are all post, not live.

If WASAPI is not working try Stereo Mix, it’s essentially the same thing: it’s the sound coming out of the computer.
Stereo Mix (or alias thereof) may be hidden, here’s how to reveal it (if you have it) … https://youtu.be/or4mQZ5sPmw

Trebor - thanks for reminding me about Stereo Mix. I had forgotten about that option and need to check it out. dave