VST Graphical Display


I am using and checking several VST plugins with Audacity (1.2x and the latest version). The issue I am seeing is that Audacity does not display the VST plug-in interface when compared to the picture shown by the developer. For example, the developer’s picure shows knobs and a button with the associated text next to them and Audacity only shows a slider bars with a scale of 0 to 1. Overall, the Audacity view usually doesn’t match to what the developer’s VST interface.

Sometimes I can figure it out after alittle testing but other times it just doesn’t happen.

This is the only feature request I would have for Audacity and I use it alot for LP ripping and other audio digital processing tasks. I am looking at purchasing a 3rd party product (just for to have better VST interface support - thats it) but I already have found that I prefer the Audacity interface and product overall - but I really would appreaciate VST graphical support.


See http://www.audacityteam.org/wiki/index.php?title=Features_We_Can’t_Implement for why this isn’t possible.

To make it work, It looks like someone would have to license the code and sell it as an add-on to Audacity.

Having said that, I would prefer that route vs. using another audio editor.


One more follow-up -

Would it be legal to just show the GUI (for informational purposes) but leave it as a static image (do not allow the controls to be functional)?